Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Ribbon

Also if you want some pictures of my Underwood let me know and ill upload some!


Rob Bowker said...

Hi, that's a complicated looking correction solution. Is it all one ribbon, or are there two threaded in there? When it wears out of you get fed up with it, there's always a backspace and strike-through solution to fall back on. And yes, please, pics of the venerable machine would be great.

- a typebarhead said...

I liked the corrective tape at the beginning but then it left too much of a mess on the typewriter. So now I only use it on a machine that is easy to clean or a machine I don't mind getting dirty.

T.B. Walker said...

Rob- It is all just one ribbon threaded into the machine. It looks like they glued the plastic ribbon on to the cloth ribbon. When I installed it on my Underwood it actually split in two. Its neat but it was a pain to install.

Typebarhead- The only time mine left a mess was when I installed it onto the machine other than that its worked well. Its just a pain to type over.